Randall Bramblett – Sundilla Friday Night

Sundilla_Concert_SeriesIt has become one of the better Sundilla traditions: every other year Randall Bramblett comes to town, packs the AUUF, puts on one of the best concerts anyone will see anywhere, sells a bunch of CDs, and sends everyone home happy and humming. It’s time to renew that tradition: on Friday, August 26, Randall Bramblett returns to Sundilla. Admission at the door is just $15, but a limited number of $12 tickets are available at Spicer’s Music, The Market at Blooming Colors, and online at www.sundillamusic.com.  And remember that a valid military ID allows you advance prices when paying at the door!

And let’s welcome the Macon County Humane Society to Sundilla; they’ll be with us to help promote tomorrow’s Strummin’ For Strays benefit! We want to support local organizations who are doing good work, so hopefully this is just the first of many. Continue reading “Randall Bramblett – Sundilla Friday Night”

Concourse South – A Festival of Music & Fun in Downtown Opelika

ConcourseSouthDowntown Opelika is Festival Headquarters this weekend as Concourse South holds their first of what is hoped to be, an annual event. Music, Vendors and Local merchants have come together on North Railroad Avenue (aka Railyard by John Emerald Distillery) for the event. Listen for the music, you’ll find it. It’s starting at 11 AM, so plan to make a day of it. From the event website, here’s some additional insight!

“in the spirit of revelry – live music, food, and wares; downtown opelika, al. Enjoy a full day of music from david ramirez, great peacock, becca mancari, b.b. palmer, lady legs, cherry motel, bobby rocknroll, grace albritton, connor mccollum, and benjamin butler. patrons – cottonseed live, john emerald distillery, red clay brewery, almost anything, musictown records, agricola farms, summit graphics, mugshots, spicer’s music, the event group: a tailgate guys co. , the sound wall, standard deluxe, and wickles pickles. See you there!

Back from Summer Break

Summer vacation I wish I had!
Summer vacation I wish I had!

I began the summer bailing out on my personal blog to take a break from writing for a few months.  Kind of lost the edge, I guess. I did pop in with a few post along the way, but nothing very consistent. However, having several friends comment about enjoying the Blog, I thought I better get back at it. Don’t expect any big revelations, just some of the stuff going on in my day to day life, minus the crazy Facebook pictures that might be out there.  I also want to try my hand at videos. We’ll see how that works. I’ll probably wait until I get my after Labor Day haircut with Lyndsay at her new downtown Opelika location. More on that later.   Got to return to the corporate look, as I may travel back to the Mothership before the Christmas holidays.

September brings lots of events back to the table.  Some next weekend in Opelika that I’ll probably write about, both before and after.  Then there’s that city election still looming out there, after Ward Two was drawn into a runoff. I’m am so sick of politics, all of it, local and national. How about you.

The end of summer brings back a more aggressive work schedule for the real job. Most of Canada is back from vacation or time at the cottages, our equivalent of going to Lake Martin for the weekend.

So, for better or worse, just like in marriage, I’m Back! (Photo: tomertu)

PGA Golf and More in Opelika This Week

ODN-BarbasolWith golfers already in town for the Barbasol Tournament this week, there seem to be a few extra events in downtown Opelika for those that brought the family.  Red Clay Brewing Company on North Railroad Avenue is hosting “Art Unbounded”, an event with many local artists from around the Southeast showing their creations. Got a bike, then join the group Thursday leaving from James Brothers Bikes for the “Tour de Opelika”, a short 30-minute ride around Opelika, before returning to the shop for a few cold beverages and the latest from the Tour De France. Friday beginning at 6 PM, look for downtown to fill with old cars from years past. The “Cruise In” will bring classic cars downtown for young and old.  Then, this morning I spotted yet another event at Red Clay on Saturday at 10 AM. It’s Beer & Biscuits, and that can’t be bad.   

Here Because I Needed To Do Something

Messy DeskThe long hot summer continues this weekend with temperatures predicted into the upper 90’s and only chances of rain. Rain, which in most cases seems to skip over or around Opelika. This Saturday morning is off to a good start, albeit, not very productive. That’s why I thought I’d write something, anything, to feel I’ve at least done something.  

Up at eight, a bit early for Saturday and into the coffee and microwave sausage and biscuit. Yummy! Then, wasted 90 minutes on the internet.  You know, checking Facebook and Twitter, then following links. After the events of the week, the feeds were filled with lots of anger.  So I moved on from that.

I had marked an article to read this weekend about the “messy desk” and immediately realize that it was targeting me in the message.  I’ve included a picture of mine, so you see what I mean. There seems to be a message through the read, and it was “put stuff away”, which is a concept I have a problem doing. So, maybe before going to sit by a pool later today, I’ll make some progress. Pictures of that are coming later.  Oh, yea, the Housekeeper canceled on me today, so I’ll probably push the vacuum cleaner around some, or not.

With summer we find more events during the week in Opelika.  I’ll have a post and maybe a video on that before Monday, but they involve Red Clay Brewing on Tuesday, James Brothers Bikes on Thursday and Opelika Main Street on Friday.